Knoweldgey is a project that I (CAUM) have used this URL for over 10-15 years to test theories and marketing strategies.  During that time I was awakened and dabbled in all kinds of knowledge and practice.  I also followed a Christ based path in a biblical sense.  Meaning I interpreted the bible and literally followed that interpretation as best I could for several years.

If you must classify me in some moment,  I would be more of a love honed being or a shaman more than a magician.

I like to read ancient books, and revelation is some seriously profound juice.

I use this site to open monologues and we will see where it goes in 2017.

If you enjoy spiritual things, esoterism, occult, ancient wisdom, magick or magic, belief, mind power or just life you might find these musings of value… or not.

I am no expert in witchcraft or satanism, I am not a Hindu god or ascended master in the Tao.  I have emotional outbursts that could level cities, so Gautama Buddha peace is often just out of reach.  I have no ties to any sect or organization, but seriously doubt the notion of true freedom.

Anywho here are some ramblings and stuff that may be helpful to some.

Be well and many blessings.