Conor McGregor MMA Magician Teaches Law of Attraction

My name is Conor McGregor and I live in Lucan.

I’m a professional MMA fighter with a record of four and one. I’m an up and coming fighter and without a doubt, you will see me on the UFC in the near future. Without a doubt.

You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.

I’ve always had visions of better. I’ve always visualized better. In times of struggle, like driving down in a banger of a car that I had to push-start. I’d be still driving a soft top Bentley around beautiful California, in my head. Low and behold, now I am driving a beautiful soft top Bentley around California. I always visualize good things I always visualize victory, success, abundance. I visualized it all, and it’s all happening.

Yeah, I don’t just knock them out, I pick the round, John. I said this, I’m sure you’s are probably all thinking in your head, “This guy is talking absolute dribble. He’s not gonna do what he says he’s gonna do.” You’s are probably all sitting there thinking that, but now here we are again and I done what I said I was gonna do. I feed off this. I feed of this. I love this stuff. This is what gives me energy, saying I’m gonna do something, putting it out there for the world to see, and then going out and doing it. There’s no better feeling in the world than that, and it’s as easy as that. Say what you’re gonna do, and go and do it.

I knew I was gonna be the person to bring martial arts to the public eye, and now it’s happening. There’s two things I’ve learned from these past seven months. Number one is that hard work pays off. Number two is that dreams come true, and that’s what’s happening.
It’s a beautiful feeling when preparation meets opportunity. Nothing is impossible. You know what I mean? You can achieve anything. I’m gonna continue going on this journey, and if the title shot is next, I will take it. If not, at the end of the day, I already feel like that is mine. I already feel like that belt is mine, so eventually, one by one, I will get every single one of them until there is no one left, and then I will decide what to do from there, but the belt is already mine, I feel.

All that matters is how you see yourself. If you see yourself as the king, you see yourself with all the belts and all everything, and no matter what no one else says, as long as you see that and really believe in it, that’s what’s gonna happen. Who can tell you otherwise? Who says what way you see things? Who says what you see out of your eyes?

I saw myself in that light. I saw myself as the number one, and then I saw myself as the champion, even before anyone else did. Just kept that in my head. That’s just the way it is. It’s 24/7 in me head. I always think about it and I’m always dealing. I don’t do anything else. Knowing that I have that kind of mentality about it, that’s what gives me comfort going into it.
Of course, I just realized the belt. That belt is on me 24/7. You need to tell yourself if you’re gonna win or lose. There is opponent. There’s no Jose Aldo. Who the fuck is Jose Aldo? There’s no, no one. You’re against yourself. I believe in myself so much that nothing is gonna stop me.

I am an Irish legend.

I’m a living legend. I see myself as the champ already.

Yeah. Of course. I see myself as the champ from day one. Before I even started training, I always saw myself as the champ. That’s how I see myself. I visualize myself already there. I visualize everything. I visualized this conversation. I visualize the walk out. I visualize everything going on. I have shots picked out that I’m gonna show in this fight in five weeks. I’ve seen everything in me head and now it’s gonna happen. You see it in your head, you’re gonna see it before your eyes. That’s what I say.

Excellence is not a skill. Excellence is an attitude. You know what I mean? It’s all in your head. You tell yourself, you are whatever you tell yourself you are. You know what I mean? I’m telling myself I’m the two way champ. That’s that. You know what they say, when you see in your head … Who says that? Someone says, when you see it in your head, you’re gonna see it before your eyes, and that’s what happens. I hope the spurs people to get out and chase what they are chasing and get after it. Have fun. I’m just here to have fun. When you have a love for life, it’s contagious. It just attracts good stuff and attracts good things to you and has been working for me so far. I’m just gonna keep going, keep having fun, and just keep doing what I’m doing, not change from me and just keep doing what I’m doing.
The new undisputed UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor. Conor, you’ve been dreaming about this moment. You’ve been talking about this moment. Honestly thought, does it feel the way you thought it would?

Yeah it does. It feels beautiful. I dreamt this so much, so clearly, so precisely, and so frequently that it has manifested itself into reality. That’s what I am feeling right now. It’s a dream come true.

I said his right hand would get him into trouble. It’s the shot I predicted. I said he’d overload on his right hand. I said I’d slip. I said I’d bang the left hook, and that’s what happened.

If you can see it here and you have the courage enough to speak it, it will happen. I see these shots. I see these sequences, and I don’t shy away from them. A lot of times people believe in certain things, but they keep to themselves. They don’t put it out there. If you truly believe in it, if you become vocal with it, you are creating that love, attraction, and it will become reality.
Conor, in February of 2013, we spoke for the first time. You didn’t have a car. You didn’t have a pot to piss in. All you had were blueberries. Now here you are with the undisputed gold, enjoy it my friend. You deserve it. You called it.
Yeah, from nothing to something to everything. That’s where I am right now.

Speaker 6: Undisputed UFC featherweight champion of the world, the notorious, Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor: I have been feeling like the UFC world champion since the day I arrived here.

Did you have faith, maybe, back then that your time would come and that you would be able to explode onto the scene as you had?
If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have happened. I had to believe in it. I had to feel it. I had to have faith in it for it to happen, so you’re damn right I did. I can do what I’ve been dreaming of, giving back to people who have given so much to me. I just wanted to give it back and help out and just do that. My mother and father are still young. Now they have their feet up. They can relax. They are in a new place, so it’s good. That’s something I always dreamed of. I always visualized what giving would feel like, giving to people who have given to me, what that would feel like. I always dreamed of just showing up one day and be like, “Here,” and that would always give me good feelings.
If you have a clear picture in your head of something that is gonna happen, and a clear belief in that, it will happen no matter what. Nothing can stop it. It is destined to happen. That’s what happens. It’s perfect.

I feel to be at the pinnacle of any game, whatever you do, you’ve got to be a little bit gone to it. You’re not all there. You’ve got to be almost insane to your craft. Not a lot of people can understand that. That’s why I don’t know about nothing else. I do not pay attention to nothing else.
When I was a kid I used to always visualize stadiums, and even when I was playing football, I’d kick the ball against the wall and pretend I scored a goal, and I’d run off and I’d be raising my hand and visualizing an arena full of fans. That was something I’d done as a kid out on my own, just running around kicking the ball. I always had these visions of something, but I just didn’t know what it was.

I think it’s important that you put a conscious effort into appreciating your surroundings. That’s what I do with this place. I absolutely love this city. You need to appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for it, and that’s when good things happen. To have that bitterness and that negativity, then things start going bad, so I think the fact that I have them thoughts and the fact that I appreciate everything, and I’m grateful for the things around me and the way things are going, that’s why it’s going so good for me. It’s crazy how things just form. Dreams just form into reality.

This is the law of attraction. You have to, in the struggle, when things are going good and you visualize these good things happening, you visualize more good things happening, that’s easy. What’s not easy to do is when things are going bad and you’re visualizing the good stuff. That was what I was able to do. I was able to, even though I was having these troubles at home, and even though I had no job, no … You know what I mean, or whatever. I didn’t know actually what I was doing. If it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, but I still was able to feel like it was.

I still was able to go into a different … Like a kid would use his imagination, I was basically just using me imagination. Driving a little … Me girlfriend’s car, a little Peugeot 206, and I was driving that, shaking down the road, and I visualized that … I swear to god, sitting in the traffic and all, I visualized, I’m sitting here over the steering wheel visualizing a brand new car and visualizing good things in times of struggle. When you can do that, I think that really makes that law of attraction work. I think it really attracts the desire, because that is harder to do, when you’re in the struggle, to visualize these things.

They’re gonna think, what do you want to be? I don’t want to be anything? I am everything I want to be, and I’m already there. I don’t want anything. People say that I want this, I want to do this and I want to do that, but if the vibe you’re putting out is want, then they’re always gonna want. I always have the actual what I have. I always felt like I was a black belt, walking in there. I always felt like I was the world champ, and I always felt like I already could do everything. I was gonna tell you about the other day, I was one. Got the rental, walking around like I was fucking proud. I don’t want anything. I have it. That doesn’t matter. I have everything. I have everything.
I’ve done everything I said I was gonna do. I was laughed at. I was literally laughed at to win that second world title. I’ll tell you, when I first came into, I was gonna take these two world titles down, laughed at. That’s never gonna happen. An Irish man even winning the UFC. When I said that, I was laughed at. I said I was gonna win the two world titles. I won them. I’ve done everything I said I was gonna do. Every move is a calculated step. Make no mistake about that. It’s only January of 2017. I’m already the face of the UFC. I’m already the face of boxing. I’m already the face of the WWE, and I’m already the face of Hollywood. Yeah, and that’s only January. That’s only January.

In the media, I stated it many times. All the way up is a dream to climb above that cage and raise them two belts. That was in every interview I’ve ever done, so when I won the fight and they strapped … That Dennis Siver situation, when I grabbed the two belts, was before I’d even got one belt.

Conor McGregor: That’s how strong the power of visualization is. I wasn’t even the UFC world champion at that time, and already I was grabbing two of them and flaunting it in everybody’s face. I believed it was gonna happen. I put the work in for it to happen, and it happened. It’s a strong thing, the power of visualization.

That mother fucker’s been a part of my shit since I’m 16. 15-16, I started trying to play with that. I started trying to visualize things. I used to drive into a car park and try and visualize a car spot right next to the door, and try and get that car spot and really try and visualize … I’ve been playing with that love, attraction, and visualization a long time, since I first discovered it, if you can see it here. Even the other day, I left my home and I was flustered leaving the home.
I was rushed before I had to catch a flight here. I tried to rush into town, and I was in a hurry, panicking. I got pulled over for the old bill, in a sweat, and then I hit the city center, and then I hit a traffic jam. I’m saying it’s like, when you feel that rush, when you feel … It just keeps going and going and going, so I just sit and count to 10, patient, and then everything opened up for me and I rolled through. I don’t know. It’s been a part of my life a long time. I’ve been playing with it. I can’t pinpoint an actual moment, but I tell you what, it fucking works.

The 6 Best Occult Podcasts

Esoteric or “occult” podcasts are a great way to absorb knowledge when commuting, Netflix and chilling or just having a blast shoaling out some sigils.

We scoured Reddit and our own personal journey paths to compose a list of the 6 best occult podcasts…your resulting mileage may differ.

In no particular order are our favorites and a couple wildcards:

  • Rune Soup
  • Aeon Byte
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Higherside Chats
  • The Infinite and the Beyond
  • Occult of Personality

“Rune Soup is the best” occult podcast said one reddit r/occult member

  1. gordon-white-rune-soup-blogger-podcasterRune Soup – Gordon White -No matter what perspective you view the digital esoterica you have probably come across Gordon’s fantastic media portal… RUNE SOUP.  I have watched his brand and his willingness to share valuable and magical ideas explode during 2016 and his approach to enchantment is now for sale to Rune Soup subscription members… oh boy oh boy!
  2. Aeon Byte – I have never listened to the podcasts but the site has a John Anthony West “Magical Egypt Tours” feel so I like it.  Plus many armchair magicians recommend it so give it a go. joerogan-net-podcasts
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience – Some folks think its not an occult podcast…they are wrong.  granted there is some heavy earth tones but still a valid experience for knowledge transfer.  Plus ever since he started hanging out with the skinny comedian that is obviously a talented intender things have been getting downright dark and I love it.
  4. Higherside Chats
  5. The Infinite and the Beyond
  6. Occult of Personality

Notable mentions for quality topicality:

  1. Scroll of Thoth
  2. Rune Soup
  3. Hermetic Hour
  4. Knowledgey
  5. What on earth is happening
  6. Speech in the silence
  7. Infinite and the Beyond

Know of anymore podcasts that are not listed?

Learn How to Open Your Third Eye

The 5-Minute Rule for How to OPen Third Eye

Who Else Wants to Learn About How to oPen Third Eye?

In regards to eye makeup, it genuinely is important that you highlight the area round the eye to brighten this up. The focus within this case will soon be that portion of the painting that’ll draw your eye. This can be a really helpful information in your meditation in order to have a particular colour to work with to assist you to feel connected to your own chakra. The 3rd eye doesn’t enable you to see the physical planet, but intuition and dreams grow here.

If what it is that you are looking for is quality, keep reading as there are many essential things to have a look at. The massive number is mostly because of the wide array of these bracelets and different rates of quality they may be made in. They cannot be specific duplicates but size and the roundness has to be very similar to make a premium quality bracelet. A number of the less expensive evil eye bracelets feature poor superior glass eyes which could produce a poor appearance together with discomfort when wearing them as the bracelet isn’t evenly balanced therefore won’t sit right on your own wrist.

How to oPen Third Eye Secrets

Nude lips may be the finest and the most beautiful means to provide your eyes the required attention. As stated, nearly everybody’s left and right eyes are very different. If you are absolutely within the moment it’s always simple to focus. This way he’ll know which you’re open to talking to him.

If you give in to your own inner voice you’ll never manage to concentrate. When you begin ignoring such voice you may discover that it’s increasingly less difficult to concentrate. In case your message is great, clear and distinctive, then others might want to spread your word for you.

In the middle of your own circle write your own ideal affirmation. DO NOT touch the middle focus control as long as you are focusing the most suitable eyepiece to your own suitable eye. Please be aware that the left eyepiece itself does not concentrate on center focus binoculars generally.

Every one of us has two kinds of focus. The measured distance is utilized to figure out the position to which the lens ought to be moved so as to accomplish the best focus. This may be solved by using an active system which can simply gauge the distance to the object or by focusing on another higher contrast object within the exact same distance then panning to the minimal contrast object when keeping the focus locked. In addition, It works to boost your efficiency and receive the results out perfectly well.

Here are some strategies and secrets to make you shine as a star. There’s so much to understand and an extensive course that guides you through each step with assignments will surely take you particularly in the proper direction. Examining ideas throughout the prism of somebody else’s perception makes you acutely conscious of which are good, and needs to be followed up.

Mastery includes practice. After the self-image of that particular Scripture registers in your mind’s eye, you’re visualizing it. Knowledge thereof will direct you towards making the correct choice.

I’ve scanned the original document including teacher marks so that you may see what instructors want to get. Quite simply, ask them for the proper information. You must eliminate as a lot of them as you are able to.

Sometimes whenever you have something on your own mind that’s more pressing you might have difficulty focusing on the job at hand. Saying you’ve lost your concentration is similar to saying you’ve lost segment of your mind for some time. Thankfully, There is a sea of easy ways by which you can boost your memory and focus. Maintain your mind open, along with your imagination free.

Focus can be hard within this distraction-driven world. A narrow focus beats a wide focus almost each time. Remember, the best method to advance your focus is always to develop the capability to manage to block every one of the external stimuli out as well as concentrate on the job at hand, giving it all your attention. Buy everything else round the corner.”

How to Choose How to oPen Third Eye

As soon as you’ve dealt with the immediacy about what’s on your own mind you may put it aside and return to your initial task. Here are a couple such scenes and explanations. It also ought to have tons of images. Additionally such aggressive flash usage isn’t practical in several scenes for example if you’re trying to quietly have a photo of an animal.

How to oPen Third Eye Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Digital cameras consist of sophisticated mechanisms that may automatically work out the ideal focus for the scene which you’re photographing. This really is because often it increases the scope of the product and its particular development. Plus, they truly are in a position where clients are relying on their capacity to speak. It is quite potent and you just need to do it once.

It’s much easier with a crystal clear small business focus. Check into the mirror and you may see the difference. You are going to feel a lot more confident by using this procedure. If you’ll encounter this kind of problem, here’s the recommended solution.

How Does Candle Magic Work

Life, Death and How Does Candle Magic Work

Lies You’ve Been Told About How Does Candle Magic Work

Candle magic is a well-known selection of magic and simply performed without large spaces or exclusive tools. Candle magic is among the most simple kinds of magic and can really be done practically anywhere with extremely limited resources out there. The easiest way will be to use candle magic. Lighting quarter candles is not uncommon in certain traditions.

All About How Does Candle Magic Work

This is merely one of the facts in regards to magic spells and rituals. Don’t forget, there’s no solution to predict whenever your magic spells will work. If you master these basic spells for newcomers, you’ll shortly manage to cope with something a bit more exciting. All These are excellent spells for newcomers as they require very little kit and in addition can be utilized in a number of ways.

Magic spells cannot be predicted regarding when they’ll work completely. The undesirable news is the fact that utilizing the wrong correspondences is among the most typical explanations for why spells don’t work.

The New Angle On How Does Candle Magic Work Just Released

In the majority of cases it won’t happen in a single day’s time. Just allow it to dangle down naturally.

The Importance of How Does Candle Magic Work

Metallic cores aren’t found in all candles but mostly with candles that have to burn for a prolonged time period. Light the incense permit it to fill the region across the altar.

There are lots of complicated rituals which can be done with candles, however a very simple ritual involves quiet meditation and reflection. In addition, an easy spell can be done with dedicated intention on a particular purpose when burning suitable incense. It is really a spell by means of a candle plus a relevant tarot card to reach a specific outcome. For example, if I’m casting one candle spell, I’d carve the symbol on the candle I’ll utilize to launch the spell.

What’s Really Going on with How Does Candle Magic Work

It is rather a heady sensation to help you to cast a spell that could protect, knowing you have that sort of power to make it operate. The issue is you’ll have a challenging time predicting what sort of karmic backlash would result from this type of spell. I find steaming the very best and additionally quite quick. This is really a very strong ritual that greatly helps aid within the manifestation in all sorts of magic ritual.

How Does Candle Magic Work

Exposure to ricin might be fatal if it’s inhaled, ingested, or injected. They’re also able to add things that aren’t healthy and they’re able to become a hazard to your own health.

Diversions aren’t supposed to be the last solution, but each could be useful within the simple purpose of remaining safe. Instead, decide on a goal which is going to be a lot easier to realize. No, but it might enhance your focus. Naturally, they have to take the steps to enhance lifestyle and select wholesome choices.

Exactly how you carry out your spell will be contingent on the kind of magic you’re working together with personal preferences. In other instances, it takes a couple of months for any type of spell to manifest. That way, even though the original documents might be swept away within the flood, we still possess the vital information we have to get our own lives back in order.

Inside this article you are going to discover how. You can’t help but to think they need a selected type of name which goes with that particular something about them. Obviously you might not have the ability to think about everything to put on your own list of directors and limiters, but just attempt to concentrate on the main factors.

On occasion a spell CAN manifest in a single day, however, it typically takes a little bit of time. This makes it challenging to breathe.

The possibilities and combinations are nearly endless but I shall give you 3 to provide you with an idea. Each color is attuned to an alternate sort of energy, so by utilizing the proper color, you can boost the power in each working. Be mindful that the more fragrance that’s found within the candle, the more soot is made. They are available in all shapes and sizes, and beautiful colors as well as scents.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on How Does Candle Magic Work

Black Magick isn’t for everybody, but like every wonderful tool it shouldn’t be entirely discarded either. If you believe they’re going to work, and you’ve got nothing but positive ideas and feelings, then your spells will manifest and they’re going to manifest quicker!

Sometimes in life it is difficult to keep up a decent relationship. If you think in something with all of your heart and act like it’s true, then you’ll have success! Consider life, contemplate everything. Another big factor in raising your vibrations is always to maintain your thoughts positive.

In the event your ideal is really to walk 45 minutes five times each week, that’s fantastic, but nevertheless, it might be too much in the beginning, particularly if you’re having difficulty getting started. As above, it’s a pleasantry.

Mercury Retrograde

 Mercury Retrograde: Hell on Earth, or Time for Reflection?

You are having a day. Maybe you walked out of your house, already late to work, and one of your tires was flat. Or you forgot you needed gas, and the only gas station is in the opposite direction of work. Maybe you dropped your phone while reaching for your keys and it shattered. You can’t get anyone to respond to an email and your work is starting to pile up. You call your mom to talk things through and end up in a huge fight.

Your coworker tells you it’s “Mercury Retrograde,” and you think what in world does some planet have to do with my shattered phone? Is Mercury going to call my mother back and smooth things over?

What is Mercury’s influence on our lives?

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules communications, travel, and clear thinking and learning. Consequently, when Mercury goes into retrograde things like our cars, travel plans, communication technology such as cell phones, and interpersonal communications go a little haywire. Even our minds feel foggy, as both our capacity for communicating and our capacity for learning slow way down.

Mercury in Retrograde 2016 to 2020 Calendar Periods


  • January 5 – January 25, 2016 in Aquarius, ends in Capricorn
  • April 28 – May 22, 2016 in Taurus
  • August 30 – September 22, 2016 in Virgo
  • Dec 19 2016 – Jan 8, 2017 in Capricorn, ends in Sagittarius


  • Dec 19, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017 Capricorn, to Sagittarius
  • April 9 – May 3, 2017 Taurus, to Aries
  • August 12 – Sept 5, 2017 in Virgo, ends in Leo
  • December 3 – December 22, 2017 in Sagittarius


  • March 22 – April 15, 2018 in Aries
  • July 26 – August 18, 2018 in Leo water-sign Cancer
  • November 16 – December 6 in Sagittarius, ends  Scorpio


  • March 5 – 28, 2019 in Pisces
  • July 7 – 31, 2019 starts in Leo, ends in Cancer
  • October 31 – November 20, 2019 in Scorpio


  • February 18 – March 9, 2020 in Pisces, ends in Aquarius
  • June 17 – July 12, 2020 in Cancer
  • October 13 – November 3, 2020 in Scorpio, ends in Libra


  • January 30 – February 20 in Aquarius
  • May 29 – June 22 in Gemini
  • September 27 – October 18 in Libra


  • January 14 – February 3 starts in Aquarius(Air sign), ends in Capricorn(Earth sign)
  • May 10 – June 2 starts in Gemini, ends in Taurus
  • September 9 – October 2 starts in Libra, ends in Virgo
  • December 29 – January 18 in Capricorn


  • See above, Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 18, 2023- goes direct in Capricorn
  • April 21 – May 14 in Taurus
  • August 23 – September 15 in  Virgo
  • December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 in Sagittarius


  • See above, January 1, 2024 goes direct in Sagittarius
  • April 1- April 25 in Aries
  • August 4 – August 28 in and ends in Leo
  • November 25 – December 15 in Sagittarius

Source – Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone

What is Mercury Retrograde?

But what does retrograde even mean?Mercury orbits the sun in an elliptical pattern. Thus, the closer it gets to the sun, the faster it seems to be moving, and the farther away, the slower it seems. Every so often, the orbit of Mercury catches up with Earth’s orbit. When this happens, Mercury appears to be moving backwards from the perspective of Earth, though its actual orbit does no such thing. It’s a trick having to do with the difference in speed of motion between Mercury and Earth. Therefore, the energy of the perceived backwards motion causes us to have trouble doing anything pertaining to Mercury ruled activities.

So what does this actually mean?

Many people take this time to blame Mercury for absolutely everything, and it causes a lot of people to panic about moving through their everyday lives. And it does cause us a lot of inconvenience, especially considering how rushed we are these days.

In reality, Mercury is asking us to take a step back and examine what’s going on in our lives. Any planet in retrograde gives us a chance to dig a little deeper, tie up loose ends, and engage in what many of us sorely lack, self care. Because things don’t run smoothly, Mercury retrograde forces us to look a little deeper into someone’s hurtful comment, to back up our precious data, to stop drinking coffee precariously over our new computer because we are in too much of a hurry to get to work (or to our social media.)

Mercury gives us the chance to learn flexibility, patience, and compassion. It’s the perfect time to examine what might not be working in our lives anymore and begin to let go of those things. Often when we’re attached to systems, dreams, or people that just aren’t in our highest and best interest, it takes a little prodding in the form of a breakdown to make us face what we need to take care of.

Although terrible for for signing contracts or buying new technology, Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to do research and planning, or behind the scenes work. The retrograde invites us to put our affairs in order and look around to see if any lingering issues from the past are still causing problems. If so, it’s time to begin letting them go. Follow this path: retrace steps and reexamine beliefs.

The takeaway?

Use the time during this (Mercury) Retrograde as a period of reflection and self care. It’s time to slow down, to triple check any plans, data, and communications you might send. Most importantly, breathe and listen to what your heart is telling you about any unfinished business or loose ends you might need to face. Do the prep work now, and be ready to take action when Mercury goes direct.