The 6 Best Occult Podcasts

Esoteric or “occult” podcasts are a great way to absorb knowledge when commuting, Netflix and chilling or just having a blast shoaling out some sigils.

We scoured Reddit and our own personal journey paths to compose a list of the 6 best occult podcasts…your resulting mileage may differ.

In no particular order are our favorites and a couple wildcards:

  • Rune Soup
  • Aeon Byte
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Higherside Chats
  • The Infinite and the Beyond
  • Occult of Personality

“Rune Soup is the best” occult podcast said one reddit r/occult member

  1. gordon-white-rune-soup-blogger-podcasterRune Soup – Gordon White -No matter what perspective you view the digital esoterica you have probably come across Gordon’s fantastic media portal… RUNE SOUP.  I have watched his brand and his willingness to share valuable and magical ideas explode during 2016 and his approach to enchantment is now for sale to Rune Soup subscription members… oh boy oh boy!
  2. Aeon Byte – I have never listened to the podcasts but the site has a John Anthony West “Magical Egypt Tours” feel so I like it.  Plus many armchair magicians recommend it so give it a go. joerogan-net-podcasts
  3. The Joe Rogan Experience – Some folks think its not an occult podcast…they are wrong.  granted there is some heavy earth tones but still a valid experience for knowledge transfer.  Plus ever since he started hanging out with the skinny comedian that is obviously a talented intender things have been getting downright dark and I love it.
  4. Higherside Chats
  5. The Infinite and the Beyond
  6. Occult of Personality

Notable mentions for quality topicality:

  1. Scroll of Thoth
  2. Rune Soup
  3. Hermetic Hour
  4. Knowledgey
  5. What on earth is happening
  6. Speech in the silence
  7. Infinite and the Beyond

Know of anymore podcasts that are not listed?